Chapters 4-6:

The Witch’s Headstone
Danse Macabre
Interlude: The Convocation
Nobody Owens’ School Days

These chapters focus on Bod growing up and being curious about the world outside his home, the cemetery. He longs for the company of live people and even defy his new family’s wishes to get it.

In the interlude and the sixth chapter, the mystery around Bod deepens. In the previous chapter, the Interlude, we see the man Jack with a group of apparently powerful and influential men. And Gaiman specifically says that they are all males, no women involved. This makes them more sinister because traditionally, in thrillers and mystery stories (I’m thinking of specifically of X-Files because I rewatched them recently) it’s groups of men who are manipulators and up to no good. And these people want Bod dead because of something in San Francisco. Because we’ve seen Bod do things just because it’s the right thing to do, we know that these people must be evil.

Anyway, in the sixth chapter Silas tells us that the man Jack is still after Bod and will not rest until Bod is dead. I love Bod’s answer: So what. All of my best friends are dead. 🙂

Like all of the others, I love the reversal; most of the living people we meet are mean while the dead are good. Apparently, the dead have also raised Bod better than many other parents because in the Witch’s Headstone and Nobody Owens’ School Days, Bod does things just because they are the right things to do and puts himself into danger both times, without expecting any reward to himself.

I’m going to be hugely surprised if Silas doesn’t turn out to be a vampire. Albeit a sideways vampire, the same way that Miss Lupescu was a twist on the werewolf. According the people on the other cemetery, Silas is a guardian of some sort.

This part reminded me a lot about Sandman. The Dance Macabre feels like a folk tale the same way that many of the Sandman issues use myths. The witch Liza is also somewhat similar to the quirky women character in Sandman. (I’m a huge fan of Sandman so that a definite plus.)

I’m looking forward to finding out how it all ties together.