The 24-hour readathon is this Saturday!

Or rather here it begins 3pm. I’m going to participate but I know that I can’t stay up from 3pm to 3pm.

Reading goals:
The next four chapters of Gaiman’s Graveyard Boy.
I’ll also finish Wyle’s Wander Home and write a review about it.
The first volume of the Walking Dead graphic novel.
I’ also going to be listening Elizabeth Bear’s Grail but I’ll only set a goal of one hour.

Most likely, I’ll also dip into these books:
Thyme of Death by Albert
Guards! Guards! by Pratchett
Women’s Work: the first 20 000 years by Barber. I’ve been reading this for ages in small snippets and I really need to finish it.

I also got a bunch of Babylon 5 books through BookMooch and I’m very eager to start reading them.