1) So far we’ve talked about characters and settings.  What are your thoughts on either the plot or the romance?  Anything surprising, or anything you particularly enjoy?

I’ve enjoyed the plot, but I read mostly for the characters and the setting, anyway. I’m not a romance reader and mostly I read books despite the romance. However, Pratchett romances have often been different from the usual ones (for example, Lords and Ladies has three of them and I rather enjoyed them all). But this time, I haven’t warmed to the romance. It’s been, well, predictable and boring. Our slick hero goes slack jawed in front of the heroine. I’ve seen that before… The bright spot is Dearheart. She’s quite an unusual female character and doesn’t require rescuing or anyone to take care of her.

The journalists are a delight.

The previous section didn’t have as many funny moments as the first one. The funny moments seem to have returned with chapter 11 and Moist visiting Groat in the hospital.

2) Pratchett has used a number of ideas throughout the book as satirical commentary on our society—golem rights, pin collecting, collective responsibility, business corruption…  What have you found the most interesting?

Big business doing what the hell they want. That’s what they do in real life and trampling underfoot all little businesses all the while talking like, well, like Gilt did in the interview. And the way they drove the first owners of the clack network out of the firm – legally!

I’ve enjoyed the pin collecting the most and was a bit disappointed when Stanley found stamps. Although, the way he felt guilty for abandoning pins was very funny. Most of us find new interests in life and sometimes feel a bit guilty for enjoying the new hobby more.

3) And of course, share your favorite quotes and moments from this section of Going Postal!

Moist visiting Grout in the hospital was the return of the funny. Grout’s suspicious attitude towards medicine and his use of folk medicines are funny.

I’m also really enjoying the journalists and the headlines in the newspaper, and the way that the newspaper goads Moist on. Guilt’s little talk with the bankers was quite chilling. I was a bit sorry to see the Post Office burn but Moist’s miracle heist was a stroke of genius. It seems to me that he doesn’t seem to realize the effect he’s having on the people around him. Maybe he hasn’t stayed in one place long enough to see.