The first part in the Going Postal read-along:

1) For those new to Pratchett or Going Postal, what are your first impressions?  For re-readers, is anything striking you this time that you didn’t notice on a first read?
I’ve read Pratchett before but I haven’t read this book. First impression: chapters! A Pratchett book with chapters! The book also has only two prologues, so it goes quickly to the point. Hangings aren’t usually funny but Pratchett can clearly make them so.

2) We’ve started to get to know our protagonist, Moist von Lipvig, by now.  What are your thoughts on him so far?
Moist is really getting what he deserves. He takes great pride in the fact that he isn’t violent but at the same time, he thinks that the people he swindles get what they deserve. He’s even confronted with it in the fourth chapter and he clearly hasn’t given even one thought to the people his crimes have affected. He has great skills in manipulating other people, as is shown by the way he handles Stanley and later the hair salon owner. I find this fascinating because almost all of the manipulative characters I’ve read so far have been women. Of course, manipulation is far more funny that violence. Even though he’s funny, he’s always looking out only for himself, which isn’t appealing.

I strongly suspect that he will become a more upstanding citizen before the end. One way or another.

3) We’ve also met quite a few rather unusual supporting characters.  Who are you most looking forward to reading more about?
Stanley and his pins have been the funniest so far and Vetinari is always a delight.

4) What are your favorite quotes or moments from this section of the book?
I’m reading the Finnish translation so I think it’s best if I don’t give quotes but I really enjoyed the scene in the pin shop where people think that there’s something shameful about pins. And the way that Moist dealt with the hair salon owner. Oh, and the way that Groat reads from the manual.

I’m really enjoying this one!