Today the topic of Top 5 Sundays at Larissa’s Bookish Life is Books You’re Most Looking Forward to.

This was a bit difficult because most of the time I don’t know when some of my favorite authors will get a new book out (such as Steven Brust or Stacia Kane) or I’m just not yet caught up with their current series (such as Elizabeth Bear or Naomi Novik).

1, Lois McMaster Bujold’s Lord Vorpatril’s Alliance
The new, and possibly the last, Vorkosigan science fiction book will be out in November. But the eARC is out now!

2, Ashes of Honor by Seanan McGuire
The previous book left Toby is a really unhappy place and I can’t wait to see how the story continues.

3, The Inexplicables by Cherie Priest
The next book in her Steampunk series.

4, All Spell Breaks Loose by Lisa Shaerin
The last book in the Raine Benares series!

5, Worldsoul by Liz Williams
A new series from her!