I saw this movie a couple of weeks ago. It’s a re imagining of the Snow White fairy tale and aimed at a younger audience. It’s also a comedy rather than a drama.

I enjoyed it. The tale starts with the evil Queen and she says that this is her story, but of course it isn’t. The Queen is portrayed, traditionally, as vain and selfish. She extorts taxes from her poor subjects to finance her balls. The enchanted mirror isn’t just a mirror but a gateway to a magical realm where the Queen talks with the magical creature in the mirror. She isn’t a sorceress but asks the mirror to do all the magical things in the movie. She also either doesn’t understand the costs or doesn’t really know much about them. Unfortunately, all this made her a shallow character.

Snow White starts as a meek and down trodden girl whom the Queen doesn’t allow to leave her room even during Snow’s birthday. It takes outside prodding for her to leave her room and see what the Queen has done to Snow’s country. However, once she has taken her fate to her hands, I rather enjoyed her. Especially after she meets the dwarfs. However, it felt strange that she grew into such a decisive woman in such a short time.

The dwarfs were probably the funniest people in the movie. I won’t spoil them but they aren’t miners. The masked ball was also very funny. Most of the characters dressed up as various Alice in Wonderland characters with the Queen as the Red Queen, of course, and her long suffering senechalk as the white rabbit. Snow had a swan costume, though.

The ending was extremely convenient but perhaps that’s to be expected with a comedy and a fairy tale movie. Still, I quite enjoyed this one and I’m looking forward to the Snow White and the Huntsman which should be aimed at an adult audience.