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Top Ten Fantasy Comic Book Series

These are the comics I’ve enjoyed over the years. Some of them, such as Asterix, Tintin, and Spirou and Fantasio, I’ve read since childhood.

1, Sandman written by Neil Gaiman
Sandman is one long series of graphic novels. It’s based on the secret history concept. The Endless and the other mythical creatures, such as the various gods and fairies, influence events in the then current times and also throughout history. The main character Dream lives in his own world, the Dreaming, where all sleeping humans visit.

2, Elfquest by Wendy and Richard Pini
Another long running comics series. Elfquest follows the journey of a small band of elves, the Wolfriders, and their friends and enemies. The humans burned down the Wolfriders’ forest and they are forced to leave. All of the comics are available for free at their website:

3, Bone by Jeff Smith
Three series of trilogies which follow the Bone cousins in a quite a fantastic land. The three cousins flee an angry mob and end up in the Valley where a group of rather unique people live. Not to mention the dragons and the Rat Creatures.

4, Uncle Scrooge stories by Don Rosa
Don Rosa’s stories are extremely popular here in Finland and they have all been collected into hard back collections. Don Rosa has a fine eye for detail and his long adventure stories often have a historical element to them which he has meticulously researched. He also often has gags in the background as well as part of the story.

5, Prince Valiant by Hal Foster
A long running series of comics strips which were originally published in newspapers and collected later. The strip follows Val’s life from a headstrong young prince of Thule to a Knight in the Court of King Arthur and to his old age. He travels to exotic locations and encounters staunch allies as well as hideous villains. Most of the time, the stories have a humorous side to them.

6, Tintin by Herge
Another very famous and popular comic book here in Finland. The young journalist Tintin is himself rather a colorless character when compared the the cast of characters around him. The first collections focus on Tintin and don’t have as much humor as the later ones where Capitan Haddock, Professor Calculus, and the identical, bumbling police officers are at their comedic best.

7, Fables by Bill Willingham
Various characters from various famous fairy tales have been forced to leave their own lands and flee to the modern world. Characters such as the Snow White, Prince Charming, Goldilocks, and the Big Bad Wolf re-imagined.

8, Asterix by Rène Goscinny
Another really popular comics in Finland. Asterix and his friends live in the last free village in Gaul and they constantly have to defend it from the invading Romans. Luckily, the Romans are often stupid and the village’s druid can brew a magical potion which gives everyone supernatural strength.

9, Spirou and Fantasio by various
Yup, another very popular comic in Finland and one of my favorites. Originally from Belgium. Spirou and Fantasio are journalists who get into all kinds of trouble. While Tintin has his loyal dog and Asterix’ best friend Obelix has his dog, Spriou has a squirrel who sometimes seems to have more common sense than his master. The series started with short comical comics and short adventures which didn’t have much fantasy content; the journalist go to America and butt heads with the mafia or become cowboys, for example. However, Franquin’s longer adventure stories have clear fantasy elements and resemble somewhat the Tintin comics. I’m particularily fond of the mad scientist Zorglub who is possibly the most unluckiest genius ever.

10, Hellboy by Mike Mignola
I’ve read only a couple of Hellboy comics but I want to read more. Hellboy actually feels more like X-Files than traditional fantasy but all of the collections I’ve read so far have mythical creatures and sometimes even places. Two live action movies have been made of the comics and while they have the core cast I liked the comics better. Hellboy and his friends work for Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense, and they investigate anything and everything paranormal.