The topic for Top Ten Books today is Top Ten Authors I Wish Would Write Another Book.

Most of my favorite authors are still writing, thankfully. However, there are some I wish would write more:

1, Anne Logston
I really enjoyed her short fantasy books.

2, Roger Zelazny
There are quite a few Zelazny books I haven’t read yet but he died before finishing the second Amber series.

3, A. M. Dellamonica
I really enjoyed her debut book Indigo Springs.

4, Kirsten Imani Kasai
Her two books, Ice Song and Tattoo, are fantastic and I want more.

5, Lynda S. Robinson
I know she writes romance under another name but I really enjoyed her Lord Meren series which is set in the Ancient Egypt.

6, Peter Clines
Ex-Heroes and Ex-Patriots were just full of cheesy fun with superheroes and zombies, and I hope he writers more.

7, Connie Willis
I hope she writes another book with the time traveling historians.

8, Steven Brust
I really hope he continues with the Vlad Taltos series.

This was a great topic! I found out that some of the authors I’ve enjoyed have more books coming out or have already published more, and that Bram Stoker has written three 11 other books beside Dracula and a bunch of short stories. Has anyone read them? Are they good? However, what I really need is more time to read everything I’d really want to.