A new Retrieval Artist story!

Publication year: 2011
Format: Audio
Publisher: Audible Inc.
Narrator: Jay Snyder
Running Time: 9 hrs and 1 minute

The story starts four years ago, during the bombing of Armstrong, the biggest of the domed cities on the Moon. The city was in chaos and lots of people died. Just before the bombing, Detective Bartholomew Nyquist was meeting his new partner on a murder site. Nyquist is already surly about the new partner who is being forced on him because of the rules and the dome seems weirdly gloomy, too. However, officer Ursula Palmetti turns out to be reasonably intelligent and able to take orders. Nyquist interviews the woman who lives in the apartment where a man’s body was found and realizes that she might be the murderer. Then, all goes dark, all links go silent, and the world goes upside down. Nyquist has to fight an insane murderer in total darkness in an apartment filled with debris.

In chapter ten, we return to the present. Politicians are taking full advantage of Anniversary Day and giving speeches everywhere. They are aware that the day can encourage all sorts of crazy people and so they have a lot of bodyguards. Unfortunately, the security measures aren’t enough to protect Armstrong’s mayor who is giving a speech in a restaurant. He’s attacked without anyone noticing it and his aides are reluctant to call it a murder. Detectives are called in too late and they have to find every clue possible to find out who has used the exotic toxin. Then, other Moon leaders are attacked and Moon’s Security Chief Noelle DiRicci realizes that she has a crisis on her hands. She and the detectives are also working against the media because the people could get frightened or angry if they knew that their leaders are being attacked.

Meanwhile the former Retrieval Artist Miles Flint is dealing with his daughter Talia who is very intelligent and beautiful. Flint is very protective of her.

Anniversary Day is another tightly plotted Retrieval Artist story with a huge cast of characters. Familiar characters return and new characters are introduced. There are a lot of point-of-view characters but we get to know them pretty well because they are in a crisis situation. Some of them die and some decide to change their lives while for others, it’s another day on the job. We also find out new things about a few familiar secondary characters.

Detective Savita Romey (spelling?) is the lead detective in the mayor’s case and she’s a competent police officer. She’ also more politically savvy than either DeRicci or Nyqist and knows how to deal with politically oriented people, including some internal police affairs. She also knows that she was appointed to the case because of political reasons. She knows that Nyquist would have been a better choice but because Nyquist is in a relationship with DeRicci, she can’t appoint him to be the lead. Romey requests him in anyway.

It seems that Nyquist is taking over from Flint; in fact, Flint has retired from his business and is only involved in this case because of his computer skills. Romey and Nyquist are the lead POV characters along with some new characters. I don’t have a problem with that. The series follows police officers on the job and Flint clearly has other priorities now.

Anniversary Day is a great continuation to the series.