Today the topic of Top 5 Sundays at Larissa’s Bookish Life is Favorite Book Titles.

A lot of these are part of a series so I’m counting a series as one entry.

1, “A Fistful of Charms”, “For a Few Demons More”, “The Good, the Bad, and the Undead” by Kim Harrison
I really like the allusion to the Western movies.

2, “Newton’s Cannon” and “Empire of Unreason” by Gregory Keyes

3, “Tea with the Black Dragon” by R. A. MacAvoy
To me, this conjures up the unlikely image of a little old lady having delicate tea with a huge black dragon.

4, “Eater of Souls” and “Slayer of Gods” by Lynda S. Robinson

5, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” by William Shakespeare
Couldn’t resist. 🙂 I’ve always loved that title.