Today the topic of Top 5 Sundays at Larissa’s Bookish Life is Favorite Sword Wielding Heroines.

Since this a book meme, I’m leaving out the obvious ones from TV:

1, Aliera e’Kieron by Steven Brust
Ah, the nearly psychotic Dragaeran with a quick temper and one of the Great Weapons is one of my all-time favorites!

2, Mira by Jocelynn Drake
The vampire Mira uses any possible weapon but she’s really familiar with swords.

3, Shadow by Anne Logston
Shadow is a thief but I’m fairly certain she uses a sword in addition to knives.

4, Laurana from Dragonlance
Actually my favorite is Kitiara Uth’Matar but she’s a villain. 😉 Laurana starts as a rather timid elven maid but grows into a warrior and a general during the series.

5, Arilyn Moonblade by Elaine Cunningham
She’s one of the first half-elven heroes I read about. Even though she’s a skilled warrior and an assassin, people have looked down on her all her life because she’s half-blooded.