The second book in a duology which is set in the Mirror Universe as seen in Star Trek: Deep Space 9.

Publication year: 2001
Format: print
Page count: 200
Publisher: Pocket Books

The second book continues right where the first one ended. Overseer Kira is doing her best to keep close to Regent Worf and to manipulate him to do what she wants him to do. Worf’s companion Deanna Troi doesn’t like that but Troi needs her gambling permits from the Overseer. So Troi sets out to charm Kira.

Meanwhile, Agent Seven of the Obsidian Order has managed to get close to Kira. Seven is now one of Kira’s most trusted slaves. In fact, Seven is starting to handle more and more of the Overseer’s daily duties. However, one misstep can send Seven to the slave markets.

The plot is again fast paced with quick twists. Kira makes her decisions quickly and is willing to do pretty much anything to keep her new power. She also enjoys showing off her power by simply taking anything she wants. This angers many people, especially the other Intendants. B’Elanna is the half-Klingon Intendant of the Sol system and she’s especially angry; enough to start working against Kira to replace her with someone less greedy.

I didn’t like the way that Kira was described as incompetent in her actual duties. I don’t remember any of the DS9 episodes saying that. It is, of course, rather easy way to blackmail her and so generate conflict, especially because Seven ended up doing Kira’s job and so Seven got her spotlight by putting down another strong female character. Also, many of the relationships in the book are lesbian ones and end up with betrayal and murder.

Otherwise, I rather enjoyed the book. The characters where subtly, or not so subtly in the case of Seven, twisted from their TV counterparts and because the setting is different they could even have character development. The plot twists kept coming and kept me guessing. There are a lot of cameos by familiar characters in the book, for example Keiko as Troi’s slave, Jennifer Sisko did a briefing near the start of the book, and Ro Laren is Kira’s pilot. Tora Ziyal is part of Enabran Tain’s plotting against Gul Dukat.

However, the cover is misdirecting. Now it shows Seven, Janeway, and Beverly Crusher. Crusher was seen only briefly in one scene. Janeway did have a substantial role later as a leader of a slave gang (and Chakotay is her second in command!) but I still think that her role wasn’t large enough for being in the cover. B’Elanna, Kira, or Worf should have been on the cover.