Third in the Dark Days fantasy series. It continues right after the end of the second book, “Dayhunter”.

Publication year: 2009
Format: print
Page count: 372
Publisher: EOS

After the climatic ending of the previous book, Mira has had a little breathing space. She returned to her current home town, Savannah, to gather strength for the next conflict between herself and the naturi. However, the naturi followed her home. They attack her and her underling vampires, and also use the local werewolves which throws the lycans into a disarray. Barrett, the leader of the local werewolf pack starts to accuse Mira and wants to drive her away because Barrett believes that when Mira leaves, the naturi will follow her. In fact, Mira is going to leave soon to Machu Picchu where the naturi will try to bring their queen to Earth in just a few days. Unfortunately, the naturi have kidnapped one of Mira’s closest underlings and she is adamant that she will find Amanda before she leaves. She has to beat the werewolves into giving her the time she needs.

Meanwhile, Danaus returns with an Earth witch. In the previous books Mira found out that she can sometimes sense and use Earth magic which no other vampire can do. She wanted someone to guide her in it and Danaus found the one Earth witch who is willing to teach the legendary Fire Starter. Mira is suddenly dubious but agrees to let Shelly, the witch, to tag along.

When Danaus, Mira, Shelly, and Mira’s underling Knox are freeing Amanda from the clutches of the naturi, they also find someone else: a naturi Princess who is being held prisoner by her own kind. Mira is both eager to use her as a bargaining chip but also suspicious of her sudden, and quite convenient, appearance.

The plot is again very fast-paced: the naturi attack quite often and increasingly desperately because they are trying to stop Mira from reaching Machu Picchu. We get to see some familiar characters from the previous books and also a few new ones, Shelly and Cynnia, the naturi princess. Shelly is an Earth witch and she’s so cheerful person that Mira is willing to send her back the moment they meet. However, Shelly is willing to help Mira and her gang to fight the naturi. Cynnia claims that she doesn’t want the war between humans and the naturi, and that is why she’s been taken a prisoner.

The inclusion of Cynnia brings in another character whom Mira can’t trust. Through Cynnia we also learn more about the naturi who up to now have been pretty much a faceless mass of enemies, except for their leader Rowe.

At the start of the book we meet familiar characters from the first book: Amanda, Knox, and Barrett. We also get to see Mira more in a leadership role in her own domain. She has a few trusted police officers and even a coroner who can mop up the bodies of naturi and other supernatural creatures before the press gets them. Mira seems to have a quite an efficient machinery going on. She’s clearly the leader of her community. She also casts aside her protestations of being a loner and starts her own vampire family.

The book wraps up the naturi storyline with epic fight scenes. There is a chance of continuing it and most of the subplots are left wide open, but the conclusion is satisfying.