A week ago Sunday (yes, I’m a week late but I have two excuses: 1, I was offline on vacation most of this week and 2, this weekend I moved with the help of my wonderful family!) Ellie Garratt had Star Trek as We Know It Blogfest. After reading many of the great entries, I wanted to share my own Star Trek highlights over the years. Now, my default Trek series is the Next Generation. Before watching TNG I might have seen some of the movies but not the original show and I still haven’t seen more than a few episodes of it. I’ve also only seen a few episodes of Enterprise; the ones on the Borg collection and Alternative Universes collection.

Favorite main characters
1, Jadzia Dax
She’s one of my favorite female characters ever. She’s brave, unflappable, intelligent, competent, and has a way of living her life to the fullest. She’s interested in other cultures and explores them quite thoroughly. She plays Tongo with the Ferengi and goes on the quest with Klingons.

2, Data
For a long time, Data was my favorite SF character ever. He’s got great strength and other abilities but he hasn’t got emotions, doesn’t get humor (I don’t often get Trek humor, either), and has trouble fitting in at first. I also really enjoyed Data’s and Geordi’s friendship because they seemed like such opposites in character.

3, Jean-Luc Picard
Ah, the philosopher captain! Picard is the essence of a diplomat. He’s also got interests beyond Starfleet: archeology, reading, other cultures. He inspires great loyalty from his crew and tries to always think of them first.

4, Kira Nerys
The stubborn former resistance fighter starts out as almost an antagonist to the Starfleet crew but she quickly becomes part of the crew. She has a murkier past than any of the other officers and that makes her really stand out. The writers also used her past a lot.

5, Odo
He has also a very different background which was reveled during the show. He resembles a bit of Data because he’s also an outsider but while the other crew members came to trust him, I don’t think he ever became part of the crew the way that Data did. He’s also pretty tortured character who even got his greatest wish and it turned out very badly.

6, Kathryn Janeway
In many ways, her job was a lot harder than the other captains’. Her ship is cut off from Starfleet and in unexplored space, so she’s on her own. She has to be rock hard to give guidance and hope to her crew. Yet, we saw her softer side when she took to the holodeck to paint with DaVinci, for example.

7, Chakotay
He’s sort of the rock that Janeway can lean on, to give her sanity checks. Yet, they can disagree, too. Sadly, when Seven came on board, Chakotay was pushed to the sidelines.

8, Seven of Nine
If only her wardrobe would have matched her personality! Seven reminds me a lot of both Data and Jadzia. Like Jadzia, she’s resourceful and skillful, and like Data she’s trying to find her own place among humanity.

9, Benjamin Sisko
Another great leader who has the added burden of being a single father.

10, Quark
As a Ferengi, Quark has a different world view and values than most of the Starfleet crew. I enjoyed his and Odo’s rivalry.

Best Supporting Characters
1, Lwaxana Troi
Deanna’s aging mother could have been portrayed in extremely sexist fashion; in fact I find the character concept almost offensive. However, Majel Barrett brought such humor into the character that she’s a delight in very episode she’s in. It’s also great she sometimes shows casually just how competent she is in her profession.

2, Guinan
The bartender whose powers remain quite mysterious.

3, Ro Laren
The rebellious Bajoran who brought more fire into the episodes where she appeared. She also got to go out with a bang.

4, Rom
A great engineer who was often clumsy and clueless.

5, Garak
The irrepressible spy/tailor.

Best enemies
1, Q
Need I say more? I greatly enjoyed DeLancie’s performance as the wisecracking alien. Even though Q puts down humans all the time, he’s clearly fascinated by them (or perhaps by Picard more specifically?).

2, Gul Dukat
Possibly the most complex Trek character ever. He starts out as a clear cut villain but turns out have a lot more nuances. He even helps the DS9 crew a few times.

3, the Borg
Relentless. They want to technology and your body, and you can’t reason with them. They will assimilate you and use your knowledge against your own people.

4, The Dominion
The Vorta, the Jem-hadar, and Founders were a great enemy. Pretty much as unstoppable as the Borg in their own way, but the individuals could have more humanity (so to speak).

5, The Obsidian Order
The scheming spy masters of Cardassia.

Most underused characters
1, Deanna Troi
Just think what could have been done with her if the writers had written even half as much about Betazoids as they did with Klingons! I consider her best episode to be “The Face of the Enemy” where she’s kidnapped and forced to impersonate a Romulan.

2, Tasha Yar

3, Beverly Crusher
We got to know a bit more about her life outside duty but she didn’t have many focusing episodes. She didn’t seem to have hooks built into her character the same way as the Doctor of Voyager or even Dr. Bashier had. Why couldn’t Crusher have played a spy or a cowboy on the holodeck?

4, Kes
Because the writers told us about her short life span, I felt that we were cheated when she just left and didn’t stay for the decline.