So far, I’ve managed to finish:
Once Upon a Time V: Quest the First
I read 11 books and the requirement was 5.

Once Upon a Time V: Quest on the Screen
I watched and reviewed Angel seasons 1 and 2.

The Audio book challenge 2011
I’ve already listened and reviewed the required 12 audiobooks. However, I will continue. In fact, I’m currently listening two audiobooks, one SF and one fantasy.

2011 Graphic Novels Challenge
Requirement for Expert level was 11 comics reviewed and I’ve reviewed 14. I’ll continue with this, too.

1st In a Series Reading Challenge 2011
I committed to the Expert level with 12 books and I’ve read 18 so far. Fanatic level (with 20 books) is near!

Five finished! Yay!

Challenges going strong:
-New Author Challenge 2011
The requirement is 25 new authors and I’ve read 18.

-Chunkster Challenge 2011
I’ve read exactly three of the six required books and I got the next one from the library.

-2nds Challenge 2011
I committed to Expert level with 12 books. I’ve read 6 so far.

I’ve read six of the required 12 books and my next review will be a TBR book.

-Horror & Urban Fantasy Reading Challenge 2011
I’ve read 15 of the required 24 books.

-Women of Fantasy
I’ve only read three of the 11 books. However, I’m going to participate this and next month.

-Take A Chance Challenge
I’ve read only two of the required ten books but I’ve already got lined up two books for it.

Sadly, I failed Once Upon a Time V: Quest the Third.
I didn’t get the Midsummer Night’s Dream movie in time from the library. I did read the play but I have no business reviewing Shakespeare.

Clearly, I need to read less new series. 🙂