Today, in the Top Ten Tuesdays the topic is Rebels.

Depending on how you define rebels, you can find a surprising number of them. I’ll use an easy definition: anyone who’s rebelling against the current order or status quo of the society they live in.

1, Robin Hood
One of my favorite characters ever, although sadly I haven’t read much about him in the recent years. Robin and his men live in Sherwood as outlaws and steal from the rich and give to the poor; perhaps the ultimate social rebel. 🙂

2, Peter Pan
Who refused to grow up.

3, Joan of Arc
There are a lot of books about her and by now it’s very hard, if not impossible, to separate fact from fiction.

4, Ista dy Chalion by Lois McMaster Bujold
She rebelled against the expectations set out for middle-aged widows and set out to adventure.

5, the X-Men
They didn’t choose to be born mutants but they chose to join the X-Men and show their powers publicly.

6, Corwin by Roger Zelazny
He challenged his Regent brother for the thrown.

7, Kelsier by Brandon Sanderson
He wants to challenge the godlike Lord Ruler stop his tyrannical reign.

8, Lyra Belacqa by Phillip Pullman
She opposes the Magisterium’s rule.

9, Phryne Fisher by Kerry Greenwood
She challenges pretty much every notion of how a lady in 1920s Australia should behave.

10, Amelia Peabody by Elizabeth Peters
Another strong-willed lady who challenged the notions of ladylike behavior, except in 1880s. Admittedly, her rebel streak is perhaps strongest in the first book.