30 Days of Genre

Day 19 – World/setting you wished you lived in
I’m a woman and a commoner so most of the fantasy worlds are right out. Since I’m human, I don’t really care for Dragaera, either.

So, I’m looking for a high-tech world with peaceful times for the common people. Star Trek: The Next Generation fits that bill perfectly.

Day 20 – Favorite genre
So much depends on the book. I also tend to be more passionate fan for SF world (especially in TV: ST: TNG, ST: DS9, Firefly, Farscape, Star Wars…). On the mystery side of things, I don’t like gore or serial killers, so I’m pretty selective. Overall, I tend to read more fantasy, so I guess fantasy is my favorite genre.

Day 21 – Genre novel with the most interesting character interactions
Lots of them. I really like the interaction between the Dragaerans and humans in Steven Brust’s books. However, I’d say that Lois McMaster Bujold’s Vorkosigan series is the best. She has a lot of different people from different cultures.