The third collection of the comics continuing the story of the vampire with a soul after the Angel TV show ended.

Written by Joss Whedon and Brian Lynch
Art by Nick Runge and various artists
Page count: 104
Publication date: 2009
Publisher: Dark Horse
Collects issues 9-12 of Angel: After the Fall comic

The main story line continues right where it left off in the first volume. Los Angeles is in hell and various demon lords have divided it amongst themselves. Angel has challenged their champions to a fight. Not surprisingly, his gang is there to protect him: Illyria, Spike, the dragon, Lorne, Groosalugg, Connor, Wesley although as a ghost he’s mostly there for moral support. It turns out that Spike’s bikini girls are actually ninja girls in training, which I quite liked. The vampire Gunn and his gang just watch the fight and scheme. Illyria changes into and out of Fred in inopportune times.

In the next issue, Angel and the gang are still trying to find out who killed the downtown demon lord in the first issue and escalated the situation in the first place. The rest of the gang finds out Angel’s secret and don’t react well to it at all. They also find out that the killer was Gunn and his gang. In the meantime, Gunn is training his gang with the help of George, the telepathic fish, and a few Slayers who are trapped in LA. Gunn kills the Slayers in the end. George also tries to contact people outside LA for help and finds out that the rest of the US doesn’t know that LA is gone!

Next: the big confrontation between Angel and the vampire Gunn!

A lot of things happens in this volume. The big fight between Angel and the champions is cut short but I don’t mind that. The only thing that is a bit disappointing is the we didn’t get the huge dragon vs. dinosaur fight that was promised at the end of the first volume. Most of the fighting happens in the background anyway while Angel talks with Connor or Spike.

I’ve been wondering why Buffy and her gang aren’t researching the LA in Hell situation and here’s the explanation. Just who is capable of doing such a massive illusion and shouldn’t there be constant traffic to and from this fake LA? How on Earth can the illusion be kept up? I hope we get to know that.

I really liked the confrontations that we get this volume. A lot of secrets are aired and, not surprisingly, people don’t like it when they have been kept in the dark. Connor and Angel argue but I think they will make up pretty quickly. We also get an explanation for why Gunn has been acting like a crazy man and why he believes that he’s doing the right thing. Angel and Gunn were very much in character when they finally confronted each other and I really liked those scenes.

The artist has changed and I’m sorry but I don’t really care for the new art. The fight scenes in the first issue are pretty confusing and the action tends to be a bit hard to follow. On the plus side, the characters look like the actors in some panels.

Once again, the collection ends in a cliffhanger. Unfortunately, the Finnish library system doesn’t have vol. 4.