The second collection of the comics continuing the story of the vampire with a soul after the Angel TV show ended.

Written by Joss Whedon, Brian Lynch
Art by Franco Urru and various artists
Page count: 104
Publication date: 2008
Publisher: Dark Horse
Collects issues 6-8 of Angel: After the Fall comic

This time we get a collection of stories, short stories really, about what happened to the individual characters at the moment LA was sent to Hell. There is a frame story about the telepathic fish Betta George whom Gunn has kidnapped and is trying to convince to work for him. Since mostly Gunn just beats up Betta, that isn’t really successful.

The other stories focus on Spike, Connor, Lorne, Wesley, Kate, Gwen, an unnamed doom-sayer, and Gunn. There’s also an art gallery with covers and pin-ups. The collection starts with Groosablog where our blogging hero does a recap. Each story has a different artist which creates a somewhat different moods for the stories.

Every story is just a few pages long. In the Spike story, Spike at first thinks that he can retire since he’s now survived two apocalypses. Then, he finds Fred in her human form nearby. When demons appear, Fred changes into Illyria. I have no idea what that is about but I now have a bit of (probably false) hope that Fred will get rid of Illyria at some point.

Connor’s and Kate’s stories are intertwined and we get to see how Connor decides to get involved in the rescue effort. Lorne’s story is perhaps the most bittersweet one. He wants to create a better place for people but, of course, this is Hell. The doom-sayer one is about a civilian who knows that the end of days is near and is telling it to everyone. Then, the world does end.

In Wesley’s story, his employers tempt him with a paradise with his love. Yet, he sees through it and makes his own decision about helping Angel. In Gunn’s story Gunn’s pulled away from the fighting and patched up by a group who wants to recruit him. In both Wesley’s and Gunn’s stories there are tantalizing hints about things to come. Wolfram & Hart say that Wesley is the reason they are going to win and in Gunn’s story, one of the group says that they have an inside line, but not to whom. It might be to Wolfram & Hart. I doubt it’s to Wesley or Angel

This is an okay collection and stands on its own, although you have to be familiar with the characters to get much out of it. I would have rather gotten on with the story….