The second comic set between the TV-series Firefly and the movie Serenity.

Written by Joss Whedon and Brett Matthews
Art: Will Conrad
Page count: 80
Publication date: 2008
Publisher: Dark Horse
Collects the original three-part miniseries Serenity: Better Days

Like the first comic, this one, too, reads like an episode of Firefly. Again, the characters and the world aren’t introduced so you should watch the show Firefly before reading this.

The art is again fantastic: the characters look like the actors and it looks like the art was painted in rich colors. I really love the gorgeous Adam Hughs original covers and if I could put anything on my walls, I would buy another copy, cut off the covers and put them up.

Mal and his crew are in the middle of large robbery. At the same time, nearby a man with a scar is demonstrating his new tactical robot to a large audience. So, when Mal and the crew are trying to drive away with the loot, the scar faced man uses his remote controlled robot to attack the Serenity crew. The robot turns out to be well armed, fast, and flexible but Mal and Kaylee manage to bring it down. The man with the scar isn’t happy and he was able to identify Mal. It turns out that the crew was after the robot and they deliver it to the man who ordered it. He doesn’t have the money but know where the crew could get enough. Mal agrees and so… they raid a Buddhist temple.

Meanwhile, Inara has an old soldier as a client. He tells her about terrorist Browncoats who are called Dust Devils. They killed civilians during the war and the soldier is still after some of them. Of course, Inara suspects that Mal was one of them.

It seems like the crew got the money and are rich so, they go to a vacation planet. Unfortunately, their enemies are quickly on their tail.

This time we get to know more about some of the characters’ past and there’s some great scenes between the characters. Kaylee is talking about his crush to Wash who is trying to encourage her to approach the doctor herself, the crew is fantasizing about what they are going to do with their money, and there’s a poignant scene with Mal and Inara at the end.

I liked this one more than the first one, especially since it had one my favorite twists near the end.

Again, too short! There’s no time to really develop the villains or story lines feel short and underdeveloped. We don’t get to know much about one of the villains and the ending feels a bit too convenient.