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I’ve just finishing listening to Rachel Caine’s Chill Factor: “The sky overhead was blue. Clear, depthless, cloudless blue, the kind that stares back at you like Nietzsche’s abyss. Not a cloud in sight.

I hate clear skies. Clear skies make me nervous.”

Chill Factor is the third in the Weather Warden series and I was thrilled to find it on Audible. Clearly, I liked the previous books enough to get this third one. I like Joanne and the whole world building. So, Caine doesn’t have to sell this book to me right from the start.

However, I like the way usual descriptions are upside down in the fist paragraph: Clear skies are usually though to be soothing and pretty, not an abyss. This is very much in keeping with Jo’s contrary nature so I relaxed and enjoyed the ride.

The book actually starts with a “Previously” section which is less than a page and Jo’s chatty style can be seen there, too.

So, either opening works for me.