Collects issues 21-25

Written by Jane Espenson, Steven S. Deknight, Drew Z. Greenberg, Jim Krueger, Doug Petrie
Art: Georges Jeanty, Cliff Richards, Andy Owens

Page count: 145
Publication date: 2009
Publisher: Dark Horse

The first story starts with Harmony Bites: Harmony’s reality show where she bites people on camera. The Hollywood people are interested but they think that the show needs a villain. Meanwhile, we’re introduced to a new Slayer. The nameless Slayer was part of an all-female, Hispanic gang and was only able to leave when she got her powers as a Slayer. Buffy’s offer of “Togetherness! Unity! Sisterhood!” doesn’t appeal to her and she starts to look for vampires to kill on her own.

The second story stars the lesbian Slayers: Willow’s girlfriend Kennedy and the Japanese Satsu. Kennedy advices Satsu to forget about Buffy and move on to a girl who actually likes girls. At the same time, she’s evaluating Satsu’s new job as a leader of a Slayer cell and helping her fight… Vampy Cat dolls!

Next, Andrew gets a lead on the rogue Slayer Simone and especially on Simone’s closest aid Nisha. Buffy and Andrew expect to just get Nisha out of a demon trap but instead they have a showdown with Simone herself. It seems that she’s gathered her own gang of Slayers and is terrorizing the countryside. Of course, Buffy has to do something about it. Also, Andrew’s been more sinister than usual.

Then we finally get a new Faith and Giles story. One of the new Slayers tells them about a town which is a Slayer Sanctuary and they have to investigate it. Handelstadt turns out to be quite a strange little town.

In the final story, Dawn is missing, and Buffy and the gang are trying to find Dawn’s previous lover so that he can dispel the spell that has changed Dawn into different shapes.

First of all, I loved the reality show! It was such an off-beat and fun idea. The trade has two fake covers about Harmony’s magazine, Harm, and a couple of pages of Harmony’s interview and “information” about Slayers and why they “hate America”. The Slayers, however, are horrified especially when it turns out that the show is making the Slayers into villains. I’m not convinced that most of the viewers know or believe that Harmony is a real vampire. Most likely the viewers think is just a special effects so the Slayers overreacted.

Most of the stories are one-offs and don’t really advance the main plot which a bit frustrating. Well, except for the first story.

I really love the painted covers which are added as a bonus. While Jeanty’s art is okay, it rarely looks like any of the cast. This actually became a problem for me in the next volume. The male characters are more recognizable because there are fewer of them and, well, Xander has the eye patch.

I’ve never liked Andrew and I still don’t. I was amazed that Buffy let him stay after what was revealed about him in the third story. But Buffy has a tendency to keep the people she’s adopted as part of her family, unless they turn completely to evil and even then there can be redemption.

The volume is pretty light and fluffy, and it’s clearly aimed at the fans who already know the characters and the world.