Today, the topic of the Top Ten Tuesdays is Top Ten Favorite Love Stories.

1, Cordelia’s Honor by Lois McMaster Bujold and various other books in the Vorkosigan series
Cordelia Naismith and Aral Vorkosigan where in the 30s and 40s respectively, when they met and fell in love. Cordelia was a captain of a explorer space ship and Aral was a captain of a warship. They are minor supportive character during the rest of the series about their son.

2, Amelia Peabody and Radcliffe Emerson by Elizabeth Peters
They appear as the main characters and a married couple in quite a few books. They’re loving and supportive – and fight crime together! Whenever they have the time from archeological excavations.

3, Ned Henry and Verity by Connie Willis
They are time-traveling historians who have to find the Bishop’s Birdstump and make sure that history will continue as written.

4, James and Lydia Asher by Barbara Hambly
A married couple who trust each other to do the sane and right things, even when hunting vampires.

5, William Laurence and Jane Roland by Naomi Novik
Both of them are dragon captains and devoted to duty more than to each other. So, they are off and on lovers when their duties allow them to meet. The romance is really low-key.

6, Raine Benares and Mychael Ellisor by Lisa Shearin
One of them is comes from a big crime family and the other is dedicated to protecting the law. Hilarity ensues!

7, Robin Hood and Maid Marian by various authors
One of first love stories I read.

8, Joanne Baldwin and David from Rachel Caine’s Weather Warden series
They’re another supportive couple who fight bad guys together. Although they have the annoying tendency of not telling the critical things to each other, but I’m hoping that they will grow out of it.

9, Vlad Taltos and Cawti by Steven Brust
Vlad and Cawti are both assassins who fall in love and get married.

10, Arilyn Moonblade and Danilo Thann by Elaine Cunningham
Some of my favorite fantasy books when I was a teenager. Arilyn is an insecure half-elf assassin and Danilo a noble bard/mage. They bicker almost endlessly.