The fifth and final story in the second omnibus.

Script: Alan Grant
Art: Mel Ruby
Original publication: apparently a four part limited series in 1999.
Terminator Omnibus vol. 2 publication year: 2008
Publisher: Dark Horse

In 2030 in ruined Los Angeles, a Resistance cell is trying to survive. One of the members is Jon Norden who is an ecologist and owns a dog named Jez. The leader of the cell is Walker who doesn’t like Norden at all. Terminators attack and the cell is forced to blow out their current hideout. When they flee in the sewers towards the next safe place, the dog Jez finds a rat which has mechanical innards. Walker decides to take the mechanical rat to Connor himself. He wants to take the dog with him and so he has to take Norden as well. Together, they rescue a girl whom they take with them to Connor.

It’s 1999 and New Year’s Eve. Sarah and John Connor are in the middle of a celebrating crowd in Los Angeles. Suddenly, a Terminator appears from the future and promptly kills a cop and takes his clothing and gun. He finds Sarah and starts shooting. The Connors try to flee but the machine is relentless.

The story alternates quickly between 2030 and 1999 especially in running or fighting scenes which makes it a bit hard to follow. Often there’s only one or two pages until the scene shifts to the past or the future. There’s some character development but like most of the other Terminator comics, it’s centered on action. However, the body count isn’t as high as in the other comics and this time we even get to see John Connor in action in addition to seeing the 1999 Sarah and John Connor.

However, I was pretty surprised that the cell has only one dog which is trained to smell machines. Surely, they are so useful that there should be more of them. Also, the comic’s name seems a bit inappropriate to me and set different expectations; it cover only a few hours in both the past and the future.

The Terminator in the past is very persistent and hard to kill. He also kills other people indiscriminately in order to get the Connors. However, the Terminators in the future seem to be pretty easy to kill with either a single bomb or some gun fire. Of course, the Resistance probably has better guns.

The artist Mel Ruby has two different inkers. Ruby has a somewhat exaggerated style but it’s not a problem at first with Andrew Pepoy. However, the latter inker Christopher Ivy exaggerates it even more so that it looks comical and cartoony to my eyes. Unfortunately, this style wasn’t really compatible with the grim Terminator world and the dramatic events in the latter half of the story.

For me, this second omnibus was better because it has a wider range of stories than the first omnibus. However, I’d still recommend them only to Terminator fans.