The third story out of four in the Terminator Omnibus vol. 1.

Script: James Robinson
Art: Paul Gulacy
Original publication year: 1991 (I think.) as a limited series
Terminator Omnibus vol. 1 publication year: 2008
Publisher: Dark Horse

This story continues the Terminator: Tempest story. 47 hours after the four Terminators and the scientist travel back in time, another Terminator is put on-line and sent after them. This one has also a female body. However, she emerges in the middle of the sea and has to walk to US soil which takes a while.

The one Terminator which survived the previous story continues his mission. He takes out a gang to get their weapons and when the police get involved, he slaughters them as well. This gets televised and the the small, surviving human group from the past (plus a modern day scientist) realizes that the Terminator is going to go after Sarah Connor. Therefore, the soldiers have to get to her first. Apparently, they know that she’s hiding in a desert near Mexico and they travel to Mexico City.

Meanwhile, L.A detective Mark Sloane sees the metal skeleton on the Terminator. He can’t stop the machine but later he’s determined to find out where it came from. Also, the director of Cyberdyne has gotten his hands on a Terminator skull.

Much like in the Tempest, this story focuses on Terminators bringing bloody death to humans. The whole storyline with the female Terminator is pretty pointless, though. It just seemed like an excuse to show nude and semi-nude women.

The fight between the Terminator and the police near the start was very bloody. Most of it focuses on a reporter on the scene who concentrates on getting good photos of the dying cops. This highlighted how merciless humans can be, too. We also got a little bit of background for Colonel Mary Randall but it didn’t contain any surprises. Unfortunately it also seems that a romance (triangle?) is rearing up it’s ugly head. Perhaps the most interesting character in the story was the human who was made Terminator and who now has to fight against his programming.

The plot lines with the detective and the head of Cyberdyne weren’t resolved.

I can’t help but to compare this one to Sarah Connor Chronicles and I have to wonder if the series writers have read the comic. After all, Sarah and her crew went to Mexico and fought a Terminator there. The detective almost seems like a proto-Ellison.

Still heavy on the fighting and pretty light on anything else.