The fifteenth book in the Amelia Peabody series. I listened an abridged audio.

Page count: 480
Publication year: 2004
Format: Audio (abridged)
Narrator: Barbara Rosenblat

Once again the Emersons gather in their house in Egypt, only this time there will be more Emersons than ever before. In addition to Amelia and Emerson, their son Ramses and his wife, there are also their two year old twins. Later they would be joined by Emerson’s brother Walter and his wife Evelyn, who have been barely glimpsed in many, many books, their daughter Lia and her husband David, and their young child. The cast includes, of course, also the local familiar people: Daoud, Selim, and the other locals, as well as the Vandergelts.

In the previous book, the Vandergelts found a rich tomb which has been cataloged and repaired. An agent from the Cairo Museum comes to see it in order to claim some of it to the Museum. Unfortunately after the agent leaves, the restorer Monsieur Martinelli disappears with some of the richest artifacts. Cyrus is beside himself and the Emersons promise to help him.

Later, they stumble upon a young man who suffers from epileptic fits and Ramses is trapped by a woman who claims to be the goddess Hathor. Hilarity ensues and shirts are ruined.

I enjoyed the reappearance of Walter and Evelyn whom I’ve missed earlier and the rest of the cast are like old friends.

Perhaps this book doesn’t have as much humor as the previous ones. Still, Amelia leads the investigation even though it doesn’t need as many disguises as some previous adventures. The men fuss over Emerson’s car rather amusingly.

However, the mystery is again a bit on the light side and there aren’t many suspects to begin with.

I quite liked the audiobook but I have a strong suspicion that it has been liberally edited. Namely, some of the reviewers at Amazon moan that there’s too much focus on the babies and not enough humor. In the abridged version, the kids are barely mentioned, and when I looked at the few pages available online, my suspicions were confirmed: right from the start, the lines and paragraphs dealing with the little kids have been heavily edited out. I haven’t read the original text, but this worked for me.

Oh and please don’t start the series with this book!