Main story by Mark Waid, Bryan Hitch, Paul Neary, Mike S. Miller, Dave Meikis
Bi-Polar Disorder by Chuck Dixon, Scott Beatty, Darryl Jenkins, Wayne Faucher
Merry Christmas, Justice League – Now Die! By Mark Weid, Cliff Rathburn, Paul Neary

Terror Incognita starts with J’onn J’onzz searching for serial killer. Instead he gets a hallucinations about his long-lost home on Mars and a psychic assault. Then, in the middle of the Daily Planet’s crowded newsroom, Lois reveals Clark’s secret identity. Later, she says that it felt like someone else had been in her mind and forced her to do it.

Meanwhile Batman is investigating the disappearances of various fortune tellers and psychics. While he’s saving another raving psychic, Nightwing cuts his rope and lets them both drop to their deaths. He, too, says that someone else forced him to do it.

In Murmansk, Wonder Woman, Flash, the Green Lantern, and the Plastic Man are bringing food and heat to the people who have lived in a blackout for six days. Unfortunately, some engineers are trying to jump start the unstable nuclear power plant which results in an explosion. The Green Lantern is able to shield them but some power compels the Murmanskians to attack the Leaguers.

The White Martians are back with a vengeance. They have been planning their attack for weeks. In addition to the telepathic coercion of people, they have managed to introduce an alien component to Earth’s atmosphere which slows down combustion. In essence, the Martians have eliminated their biggest threat, fire, but it has also a devastating effect on humanity.

This is pretty standard villain fighting and the ending was epic. However, there was no character development and the Leaguers were too busy fighting the Martians to even squabble amongst themselves.

There was also a reference to WW’s comic where the Amazons had an elected leader and Diana has lost her tiara.

In the second story JLA battle Doctor Polaris who is changing Earth’s electromagnetic field while he’s under the influence of Joker’s virus. Also, pretty standard fare although there was a small spat between Batman and GL.

The last one is a Christmas story about how Santa Clause joined JLA and they fought Neron. Plastic Man is telling the story to a kid who doesn’t believe in Santa. Funny, if you like that sort of stories.

Unfortunately, this was a pretty forgettable collection and didn’t bring anything new.