By Mark Millar, John McCrea, James Hodgkins

Collects the miniseries into one trade.

First of all, the first few pages spoil the ending of Authority: Relentless so I strongly suggest that you read that one first.

These stories focus on particular parts of Jenny’s 100-year life. She’s the Spirit of the 20th Century and so she’s interacted in some way with most of the powerful people of the century. Albert Einstein is her uncle and she knew Adolf Hilter before he went into politics.

Each of the first three stories focuses on how Jenny met the various members of Authority and the start of their relationship. The first story deals with the Doctor, the next one with Apollo and the Midnighter, and the third one with Jack Hawksmoor. We even get to know who abducted Jack and gave him his powers, and why. At the same time, there’s a time-travel story: the Engineer has to travel back in time to save Jenny’s life. The fourth story is about Jenny fighting Nazis and the last one is about the earlier fight against alternate universe Sliding Albion.

Jenny is her foul-mouthed anarchist self. She’s constantly forced into position of leadership even though she doesn’t like it and she likes the military even less. Yet, she’s served the UK military in various missions across various decades. There are a lot of very interesting seeming secondary characters but we don’t see much of them, except for the other Authority members, of course. Shen seems to be Jenny’s earliest ally and closest friend.

Jenny also does her fair share of plotting behind the scenes, sometimes knowingly and sometimes not. For example, she wants president Ford out of politics and loathes Reagan.

Personally, I didn’t really care for the art work but it’s by no means bad. There’s just something about the style that I don’t like.