I’ve now completed the Historical Reading Challenge, too! I signed up to read 12 books and they were:

1, Elizabeth Peters: The Hippopotamus Pool
2, Elizabeth Peters: Seeing a Large Cat
3, Elizabeth Peters: The Ape that Guards the Balance
4, Alexandre Dumas, père: Vingt ans après
5, Alexandre Dumas, père: The Three Musketeers
6, Elizabeth Peters: Lord of the Silent
7, Elizabeth Peters: He shall Thunder in the Sky
8, Elizabeth Peters: The Falcon at the Portal
9, Peter Elbling: the Food Taster
10, Anton Gill: City on the Horizon
11, Carol McCleary: The Alchemy of Murder
12, Elizabeth Peters: The Golden One

I’ll certainly continue with Peters’ series (in fact, I’m listening the next one right now) and also with Dumas’ and McCleary’s series.