In the the 2nds Reading Challenge 2010 I aimed again for the Obsessed level with 20 read books and I’ve just completed the challenge!

1, Jim Butcher: Fool Moon
2, Michelle West: Hunter’s Death
3, Cherryh: Chanur’s Venture
4, Kristine Smith: Rules of Conflict
5, Megan Whelan Turner: The Queen of Attolia
6, Kate Elliott: Shadow Gate
7, Ilona Andrews: Magic Burns
8, Stacia Kane: Unholy Magic
9, Rowena Cory Daniells: The Uncrowned King
10, Elizabeth Bear: Hell and Earth
11, Alexandre Dumas, père: Vingt ans après
12, Lisa Shearin: Armed and Magical
13, Liz Williams: the Demon and the City
14, Elaine Cunningham: The Floodgate
15, Connie Willis: All Clear
16, Marie Brennan: In Ashes Lie
17, Rachel Caine: Heat Stroke
18, Walter Greatshell: Xombies: Apocalypticon
19, Laura Anne Gilman: Curse the Dark
20, Lloyd Alexander: The El Dorado Adventure

Now I’ve only got two challenges to complete: the historical fiction and graphic novels challenges.