Another short stand-alone SF book.

This one has again a weird structure. Instead of normal chapter numbers, each chapter head is either “One” or “Two”. The book starts with “Two” and the “One” and “Two” chapters alternate after that. “One” chapters are about Red Dorakeen who is trying to find just the right exit from the Road which stretches apparently through all of time. The right exit has been blocked and so he’s trying to smuggle explosives to open it up. The Road has cops, too, and they are trying to prevent stuff being blown up so the confiscate Red’s explosives. Soon after, Red finds out that someone has put assassins after him.

The “Two” chapters are about everyone else. Most of them are about Randy Dorakeen who is trying to find someone. However, later we find out about his youth and how he found the Road so his story is very much not linear. Some of the “Two” chapters are about Red’s enemies. Some historical characters make cameos, and Marquise the Sade and a Tyrannosaurus Rex are significant secondary characters.

The Road is literally a road with gas stations and hotels along the way. Most people on it know what’s going on. The people drive cars on it. Red’s companion is a chatty artificial intelligence which can habit a book (I presume it’s a reading device but it only has one book in it, Flowers of Evil) or the car.

This one reminded me of Amber. Driving along the Road and trying to change things? The first Amber book came out 1970 apparently and this was written in 1979.

A weird little book.