It’s the middle of May so it’s time to look at how I’ve done so far with the to-be-read pile challenge.

I decided to read 24 books or 2 books a month from my looming pile of books. The number is so low because of review books (which can’t be in my to-read-pile and so far haven’t been in my to-be-read- lists, either) and audio books which I tend to buy from Audible. So far, I’ve read:

1, Elizabeth Peters: The Hippopotamus Pool
2, Kristine Smith: Rules of Conflict
3, R. A. MacAvoy: Tea with the Black Dragon
4, Ilona Andrews: Magic Bites
5, Amanda Cross: In the Last Analysis
6, Ian Rankin: Knots and Crosses
7, Julie Czerneda: To Trade the Stars
8, Jim Butcher: Fool Moon
9, Kate Elliott: Shadow Gate
10, Elizabeth Bear: Hell and Earth
11, Martha Grimes: The Man with the Load of Mischief

11 books so I’m slightly ahead of schedule!

On the other hand, I’ve bought 5 books:
Star Trek: Titan books 3 and 4
Jocelynn Drake: Nightwalker
Laura Anne Gilman: Staying Dead
Lori Devoti: Amazon Ink

So the pile has been brought down by 6 books in total! Yay!

Incidentally, buying just 5 books in 5 months is very little for me. It’s probably the lowest amount I’ve bought for years.