In his third book wizard Harry Dresden fights ghosts.

First things first, James Marsters narrates the audiobook. Swoon!

The book starts with Harry driving as fast as he can with it old car. A Knight of the Sword, Michael Carpenter, is in the car with him. Apparently, Michael is an old friend and they are driving into danger. On the way, Michael starts to question Harry about his lovelife with Susan. Harry is annoyed but admits that he loves her, he just can’t say it.

They stop at a hospital and charge in. They are determined to stop a ghost who is preying on infants. Unfortunately, Harry’s chivalry bites him in the butt again. The ghost Agatha had a hard life herself and Harry can’t help but to see her as a victim, too. Michael has to save the day and even then, Agatha escapes into the Nevernever. However, she can still reach kids and so our heroes will have to journey to the Nevernever after her.

In a flashback, a mysterious, beautiful (of course), and seductive young woman is looking for Harry’s help. She says hostile spirits are after her and she knows it because she has the gift of prophecy. Harry gives her his protective talisman and tell her to go to a church if there’s trouble.

Back in the Nevernever, Harry and Michael confront Agatha but come face to face with Harry’s godmother Leanansidhe. Harry made a deal with her earlier and Leanansidhe wants to collect it. She’s, of course (add eye rolling here), inhumanly beautiful and an archetype of the seductive villainess.

The duo manages to escape but are arrested. Later, Harry is invited to a masked ball in the honor of the local vampire queen, Bianca. Also, it seems that someone or something is stirring up ghosts which are popping up all over Chicago.

There are a lot of things going on in the book and it’s fast-paced. Once again, Harry is sometimes beaten down and rather quickly back on his feet and slinging spells. The ending is likely to have consequences in the next books.

Some new characters are introduced in the book. Unfortunately, they aren’t really original and their backstories aren’t told so they stay pretty two-dimensional.

I’d love to know more about Leanansihde. Where does she come from? Why is she interested in Harry specifically or does she have deals with many other humans?

Michael seems like an interesting character, but there’s no backstory to him. I sort of like that he’s one of the hard fighting good guys and still has a wife and family. He seems very uncomfortable with magic which doesn’t come from religion. I’d like to know how Harry managed to convince him to work with him. Also, unfortunately, his wife Charity seems to be of the “barefoot and pregnant” type without a life of her own. The fact that they both are deeply religious (and Catholics) just makes it worse.

Again, a quick read but nothing special.