Kit and Nita are in deep trouble again. This time the “problem” is Nita’s younger sister Dairine who knows that Nita is a wizard and wants very much to become a wizard, too. Nita wants nothing more than for her little sister to leave her alone.

Dairine wants to get as much information as she can. She’s especially interested in computers and her parents have just bought them one. She notices something different in the programs – they have the Apple logo but with a full apple. She continues to run them and soon realizes that this isn’t an ordinary program or computer. She can make a copy of the computer and take into some kind of pocket plane which she can take with her to any place without others noticing.

Kit and Nita leave for New York and Nita’s father forces them to take Dairine with them. However, in New York she starts to experiment with the computer and notes that she can make it do even more unusual things. She opens a gateway to Mars and leaves to explore the universe.

Once Nita and Kit realize what has happened, they are of course furious and concerned. Nita’s and Dairine’s parents are even more so. However, they have no choice but to send Nita and Kit after Dairine.

This time we are shown a much larger universe outside Earth. It’s a large and well populated universe where most life forms bear no resemblance to humans.

The point-of-view varies between Nita and Dairine every other chapter. The theme of the book is exploration of both the universe and self. It’s not centered on violence.

Dairine is a science fiction nut who greatly enjoys exploring the planets in our solar system and beyond. She learned from an early age that she needs to have knowledge in order to survive. She’s also highly intelligent and not afraid to show it. That annoys many people, including Nita.

Even though Nita isn’t much older than Dairine she feels like a much more experienced as a character and of course she has used magic quite a bit longer than Dairine.

I enjoyed that usual minor characters Macchu Picchu, Carl, and Tom. (Even though here Nita assumes that Carl and Tom are just friends who happen to live together…)

This was also the last book in this series that was translated into Finnish. Too bad.

Overall: An enjoyable continuation of the series.