“I am, unfortunately, the Hero of Ages.”

The third and final volume in the excellent Mistborn-series. It’s one of the best epic fantasy series I’ve ever read because it plays around with so many of the usual epic tropes.

The third book turns some of the things we’ve come to know about the world on its ear. But at least I enjoyed that. Anything I’d say about it would be a spoiler for the previous books so I won’t.

Just like in the previous books, we get journal entries at the start of every chapter. This time they are scholarly thoughts about the situations of various people. I kept trying to guess who had written them.

The atmosphere is usually quite bleak and hopeless, both mentally and also physically because ash rains from the sky almost every day. But there are bright spot as well. Usually I don’t really care for this sort of bleakness but the mysteries of the world, the characters, and the writing style distracted me from the all the hopelessness enough to continue.

And the ending is great and so fitting!

I got in from Audible as an audiobook and I’ve already listened it twice. The series is excellent. Go read it.