Thursday, June 25th, 2009

Booking Through Thursday

Now that summer is here (in the northern hemisphere, anyway), what is the most “Summery” book you can think of? The one that captures the essence of summer for you?

(I’m not asking for you to list your ideal “beach reading,” you understand, but the book that you can read at any time of year but that evokes “summer.”)

It’s been very hot here in Finland today so it’s an appropriate question. The best way for me to get into a summer feeling is reading the books I read as a kid during summertime. The Famous Five and Nancy Drew. Sometimes the older X-Men comics, too, will also give me the carefree summer feeling.

Booking Through Thursday

Browsing through my blog, I found a link to this post about the “Sorted Book Project.”

The idea is to take a few books and physically sort them in such a way that the titles make some kind of sense … something that I’ve never quite gotten around to doing and photographing, but which fascinates me.

What title/combinations can you come up with?

What title/combinations can you come up with?

I’ve never even thought of doing that but I got a few good ones:
“Immortal Blood” “Pride of Chanur”
“Hunter’s Death” “Whose body?”
“Who killed Chaucer?” “Whose body?”

In fact, I think that both “Immortal Blood” and “Whose body?” goes well with many titles:
“Shadow Gate” “Whose body?”
“The Thief” “Whose body?”
Granted, it does make everything feel like murder mystery.

“Immortal Blood” “The Unsung Hero”
“Immortal Blood” “The Thief”
“Immortal Blood” “Lord of Snow and Shadows”

Hmm. It seems that almost any fantasy title can only benefit when IB is added to it. 🙂