Jolley, Krach, and Benefiel

This is part of my comic book challenge 2009.

This is a pretty standard JLA action with a religious twist. First, various JLA members save some ordinary people’s lives and then the some of people decide to start worshiping the heroes. They set up what seems to me an isolated facility where mostly young people are brought to worship the gods of earth and sky, in other words the JLA. The church is lead by three business men and a new superhuman Sister Glory.

Meanwhile a large, disk shaped machine threatens a city in Switzerland where peace talks are underway. The machine has on it the Green Lantern’s emblem. Green Lantern, who is the only JLA member at first to be on the scene, fights the machine. However, when his power ring’s construct touches the machine, it blows up. Inside were people…

Soon, Superman, Wonder Woman, and the Flash appear to make sense of the whole thing. But they are attacked by more machines which have the emblems of the heroes. The communication connections around the world are disrupted and even J’onn’s telepathy won’t work. Then, a fake Superman makes a speech about how the world leaders have failed to bring peace and so the JLA will be taking over. As long as all humans worship the JLA as the true gods, everyone will live peacefully. The machines are JLA war wheels which are punishing those who refuse to obey. Of course, the world’s governments aren’t going to agree to that.

Gods and monsters is a fun romp although it would have had material for a far long story. This is a short one-shot. I’m rather surprised that the canon DC universe doesn’t have hero churches because I can easily see why saved people might want to start worshipping super powered heroes. If not as gods then at least as angels of sorts.

Unfortunately, I didn’t really like the art. It felt much exaggerated and cartoon- like although for once the super-powered women were drawn with actual muscles!