The second, and last, volume of Nextwave is as devoted to absurdity and humor as the previous one. Although this one has, perhaps, a bit more absurdity than humor although, of course, that would depend on the sense of humor of the reader.

This time our intrepid heroes, Monica Rambeau, Tabitha Smith, the Machine Man, the Captain, and Elsa Bloodstone, have to face a town full of the Mindless ones who are slave beings from another dimension. They are very strong, very endurable, and shoot destructive beams from their eyes. After the teams stops the Mindless ones and their boss, they are lured into an empty town where they have to beat up the Beyond corporation’s chief, Number None, and his two teams of superbeings which include such (not) awesome characters as Doctor Headless, Doctor Meatball, Father Pain, and Reverend Guilt. The task ahead is, well, absurd.

We also get to see the antics of the severely depressed Dirk Anger, who leads the team which is supposed trying to capture Nextwave.

Good stuff but I can see that this might not have pleased the average comic reader.