By Willingham, Sturges, Akins, Pepoy

This is the collection of the issues 6-11 and has two story archs.

The first story is a two-parter and tells the tale of how Jack of Fables became Jack Frost. After the successful escape (for some) at the end of the previous story in the (Nearly) Great Escape, a group of Fables is hiding in the hills among the snow. To pass the time, Jack tells them the story of how he became Jack Frost and what happened then. The story is set in the time before the Adversary had conquered most the lands of Fable.

Jack is wandering and happens upon the castle of Lumi, the Queen of Winter. In his usual style he decides to get into her pants even though her staff despises him. We are also introduced briefly to Lumi’s three sisters: Kesa the Queen of Summer, Kevat the Queen of Spring, and Syksy the Queen of Autumn. I was thrilled to see these names because they are all Finnish words! Lumi means snow in Finnish, Kesä is summer, Kevät is spring, and Syksy Is autumn.

This also sheds some light to Lumi’s character – if you believe the story.

The next story takes up rest of the trade. Jack wakes up in a hotel room in Las Vegas drunk and married. He remembers how he joined forces with another Fable, Gary, who can convince machines to do want he wants. Since Jack wanted back his fortune, he decided that naturally the best thing to do is to go to Las Vegas. They win quite a lot and Gary picks up a mannequin to be his girlfriend. However, the Vegas people don’t like their winning streak at all and throw them out. One of the women from Jack’s movie days rescues him and it turns out that she’s a rich heiress and really likes Jack. In the heat of the moment, they get married. The girl’s family is less than thrilled about it and a mysterious female wants her family dead. It seems that Jack didn’t make as good a deal as he thought at first.

The stories are fast-paced and entertaining. I liked this one better than the previous one and I hope the quality continues.