By Willingham, Sturges, Akins, Pepoy

This gathers up the first five issues of Jack of Fables; the self-centered, misogynistic, glory hound antihero of the Fables. The story starts pretty soon after Jack’s previous (last?) story arc in the Fables. Jack had been a big movie mogul but unfortunately for him all of his (very lucrative) movies were centered on his tales as Jack the Giant-Killer, and Jack and the Beanstalk. While they gave him fame, recognition, and power, they also made mundane humans more interested in fairy tales and possibly the fables among them. This wasn’t good from the point-of-view of the rest of the Fables community and so Jack was ordered out of the business with just a measly million dollars with him.

So, Jack is hitch-hiking by the road with a suitcase. A van pulls up but it has people who force Jack into the van. Jack rants against them and then jumps off – unfortunately in front of a speeding truck. He gets mangled up and loses his money. But because he has a lot of power, he regenerates. The kidnappers get him again while he’s unconscious and when he wakes up they take him to the Golden Boughs the retirement community.

This is a community where a group of librarians have imprisoned Fables such as Alice, Humpty Dumpty, and Bunyan. The head librarian Mr. Revise wants to keep the Fables there until the mundanes forget about them and they change into mundane humans themselves. Jack, of course, disagrees.

I didn’t quite like this one as much as the parent-title of Fables but it’s still highly entertaining. Perhaps there are a bit too many US Fables and I don’t even recognize them. Otherwise it’s fun to try to see the Fables in the background. The story is quite funny though and stays well together.