This time the main characters from the previous book, Nita who is the POV character and her good wizard friend Kit, are vacationing with Nita’s family by the sea. Nita and Kit find out that many of the whales are also sentient and have wizards among them. They save a whale and find out that she’s actually a wizard and she’s in trouble. Nita and Kit agree to hear the problem and S’reee tells them that the Lone Power has been chained to the bottom of the ocean. However, the spells are starting to loose their power and now the Lone Power has is encouraging all sort of problems for the sea: poachers, pollutions, earthquakes. If the spells aren’t renewed soon, the Lone Power will get free and used destructive earthquakes against everyone.

Nita and Kit agree to help. They come to learn a lot about the wizard world under the waves. Because many of the wizard whales have been slaughtered by human hunters Nita and Kit agree to participate in the Song of Twelve which should renew the Lone Power’s bindings and calm some of the troubles at sea. But before that can be done Nita and Kit have to be transformed into whales, get to know some friends and some enemies as well, learn the Song, and, worst of all, deal with Nita’s parents and younger sister. Nita’s sister, Dairine, is increasingly interested in her sister’s odd comings and goings and their parents are even more interested. Nita doesn’t want to lie to them but what choice does she have?

Deep Wizardry is a fine sequel to the previous book. The underwater world and the whales and sharks are very well developed and described. There are also lots of information about the sea and pollution but they don’t feel like info dumps. Indeed, it feels quite natural for the whales to educate humans about their problems.

Kit and Nita are quite likable characters although I happen to like Carl, Tom, and Macchu Picchu the most. I also liked how Dairine did matter of factly things that are apparently today allowed only for boys: reading X-Men comics (which, alas, the translator didn’t know), wearing Star Wars pajamas, and dreaming of becoming a Jedi.