The final book in the Corwin saga starts with Dara appearing to Amber with commands to the Amberites. Even though they are skeptical at first, soon Corwin is galloping toward the Courts of Chaos. And what is hanging in the balance is no less than the fate of Amber and all of the Shadow worlds. However, the series doesn’t end with a huge battle. Yes, there is a battle but somewhat earlier and Corwin doesn’t really have a part in it.

For me the Courts of Chaos doesn’t have as a satisfying ending as it could have had. We finally find out to whom Corwin is telling his tale and that’s an anticlimax. All the earlier plotting is really revealed to be much simpler than it was represented earlier. That’s quite possibly intentional, though; usually plots turn out to be simpler in reality than when you’re trying to figure them out. 😉

Don’t get me wrong: I really enjoyed the first Amber series. It just didn’t end with a bang but neither did it end with a whimper, but more like “That’s it? I want more!” The ending was also far more, well, sugary than I had remembered. (I thought that the whole crossbow-thing was the end.) I would have preferred for the siblings to continue their rivalries. Then again, just because Corwin is feeling brotherly towards the others doesn’t necessarily mean that his siblings return the feeling.

Apparently, Manna from Heaven has Amber short stories. Unfortunately, the only version available here is almost 30 euros and I consider that to be too high for a book with less than 200 pages.