This is the second book in the Lord Peter Wimsey series. This time there’s a crime in the family and Lord Peter has to investigate his own sister.

After the last case Lord Peter has taken a holiday in Corsica but hears much to his dismay that his sister’s fiancée, Captain Denis Carthcart, has been shot and Lord Peter’s brother the Duke has been arrested for it. He hurries back home to sort out the mess.

Some of the Wimsey family and some of their friends have gathered for hunting in their lodge in Yorkshire. Denis and the Duke Gerald had argued and the Duke had even threatened the Captain. Around three in the morning the Captain was found shot with the Duke’s pistol and the Duke kneeling over him. The Duke was arrested and the whole family was upset. Lord Peter’s good friend, Detective Charles Parker, is investigating the case and together the two go over the evidence and the lodge in search of new evidence. They found some footprints from someone who isn’t staying at the lodge but also a jewel-encrusted cat which seems to indicate that a woman is mixed up in the case. Parker goes to Paris to investigate further the murdered Frenchman while Lord Peter stays and starts to suspect his own family.

This time we get to see Lord Peter’s family. The unfortunate Duke seems to be the most conventional of them even though he, too, has some skeletons in his closet. Most of the characters are quite likable and quirky.

Even though the plot isn’t as convoluted as in the first book, I felt that it moved quicker or maybe I’m just getting used to Sayers’ style. However, I was intrigued right to the end. A good, classic detective story.