Even though I generally don’t like YA, this series was recommended so many times that I took the chance and read the first one. I was pleasantly surprised. Duane knows how to grab the reader and keep the plot running. 

Nita is a thirteen-year-old American girl who has Spanish roots. She’s a voracious reader and because she doesn’t like to do the same things that girls her age do, she gets into fights often. Her main tormentor is Joanne and her group of cronies. The book starts with Nita running away from Joanne and her group. Nita runs to the library where she finds a handbook for wizards. She starts to read it and thinks at first that it’s a practical joke. However, she loans it and takes it to home. The next day she takes up the oath of wizards and starts to learn spells. With them she wants to make Joanne stop bullying her and made even bully Joanne for a change.

She finds out that she can talk with plants. Then she finds a boy who is trying to do a spell of his own, Kit. Nita offers to help him and together they perform the spell. However, it goes terribly wrong; it puts them into terrible danger but it also brings to them a new friend, Fred who is the manifestation of a white hole.

Duane writes well. The plot flows along smoothly and the characters are interesting. However, the plot is very intense and the stakes are very high. I’m curious to see what she’s going to do to top the danger in the next book. Also, we see only a small glimpse of the wizarding world and I’m also curious to see a larger picture of it.