Booking Through Thursday

Do you use any of the online book-cataloguing sites, like Library Thing or Shelfari? Why or why not? (Or . . . do you have absolutely no idea what I’m talking to?? (grin))

If not an online catalog, do you use any other method to catalog your book collection? Excel spreadsheets, index cards, a notebook, anything?

Yes, I have a Shelfari and a LibraryThing account and a couple of others as well. I haven’t paid for the LT so I have just the couple of hundred books listed there. I haven’t listed everything in Shelfari, either. I haven’t had the time.

Last year I started a list of all the books I’ve bought, gotten from BookMooch, borrowed from library, and read. It’s been pretty handy and I’ve continued to list my books that way.

My Shelfari page: