This is the last of her books and luckily this one has again a heroine I really like.

Peri is the daughter of Kayli, the High Lady of Agrond. She was fostered among the horse clans and has grown to be a good warrior and an excellent rider. She has also arranged a marriage with one of the leaders of the clans. Her fiancée is her best friend and in high enough position that it pleases her parents. He’s also gay and willing to give Peri the freedom she wants. All in all, things are looking good for her.

All this changed, though, when Peri had sex for the first time and realized that she has a minor talent for water and healing magic. Her mother promptly arranged for her to the Heir of Bregond where her aunt rules without a strong Heir. Per is very bitter about it but can’t go against her family. Therefore, her dainty cousin with ill health is going to marry Peri’s former fiancée. Peri is escorting her and her uncle to Bregond where she’s going to become the Heir.

This changes quickly, too. Peri is scouting ahead and happens upon a group of Sarkonds who have a prisoner. Sarkonds are the enemies of both Agronds and Bregonds so naturally Peri assumes that the small raid party has captured either an Agrond or a Bregond and saves him. Unfortunately for her, he turns out to be another Sarkond and a religious heretic to boot. But by the time she discovers this, they have already fled to Sarkond and they must try to get along at least as long as they a fleeing the dreaded Bone Hunters.

Peri and the Sarkond mage have to face a lot of difficulties and the least of them aren’t their own fears and suspicions and cultural differences. Magic is taught differently in the three countries, too. While Bregond and Agrond mages are trained in the magic they have natural affinity for, Sarkondish mages are separated by sex: female mages use life magic and males destructive magic. By the same token, women are forbidden to become soldiers. As a female warrior, Peri is in constant danger and must even disguise herself as a man.

Waterdance is quite a bit quicker paces than Logston’s previous novels. We also get to see the consequences of the war from Firewalk. While Peri is learning to use her new magical skills, she’s formidable warrior and fully competent in that area.