The last book in the series. Mostly, I liked it but not as much as the previous ones. Keyes continues to have good characterization and the setting continues to be interesting. The big fight at end went on for far too long and most of the time the good guys won battles through lucky coincidences and sheer determination. There weren’t any skill and very little thought involved which irritates me hugely. The ending was also a bit too happy. If you have a huge battle some main characters should suffer.

I really liked his handling of Red Shoes but talking about it would be a huge spoiler. Also, I thought that is was ironic when he apparently either quotes or rewrites the US Declaration of Independence in the end. The male characters talk about freedom while they keep the other half of the human race limited and dependent of themselves.

Overall, the series is really good with exotic alternate history, magic, science, good characters and tight writing.


The whole series get a solid 8/10.